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Perm Tutorials

Surf Set

This easy set is great for any length to give it movement and just the right amount of wave.

Twist Wrap Beach Wave

Create soft beachy texture with this technique of twisting the hair before wrapping on your rods.

Consultation Chat

Every successful perm service begins with a great consultation. Learn what to ask, how to manage expectations and more!

Partial Perm Redo

After a couple of weeks, Michelle’s perm just wasn’t as curly as she wanted on top, Janine will teach you how to partially perm just one area for an easy redo.

Fringe Fix

Learn how to tame that cowlick with this easy add-on service for anyone who struggles with their bangs!

Zig Zag Beach Wave

A gorgeous set for those perfect S-waves. Turn your bendy rod into a zig zag rod in this beachy tutorial.

Curly Top

A quick partial perm for any client with shorter lengths. This set lets you give your clients the perfect tousled, textured look everyday with ease.