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Before you get a perm:

What is a perm?

A perm is a permanent styling service that can last 2-6 months depending on how

  • frequently you wash your hair
  • fast your hair grows
  • length of hair
  • how resistant your hair is
Who should & shouldn’t get a perm?

Perm results are best on virgin (not colored / bleached / highlighted / or chemically altered) hair. In most cases we can safely perm on colored or highlighted hair up to 20 volume in a foil, or 30 volume open air bleach as well as previously permed hair. If you are already experiencing breakage you should not perm your hair. If you have any doubt, ask your practitioner to first start with a test strand

What products do I need to support my new look?

Curl Cult® at home hair care professional products will support your new curly hair. We recommend getting Refresh & Revive for cleansing, Magic Spell for hydrating and refreshing on days you don’t wash, and Enhance to support and add bounce to your curls.

What do I need to tell my Stylist before I get my perm?

Let your practitioner know if you are on any medication, Henna or drug store products  (especially if it has metallic in it) as you will need an additional clarifying treatment to remove extra build up. Metallic and silicone build up can make the perm less effective and/or cause additional damage if not addressed ahead of time.

Can I get a perm over my chemically straightened hair (Keratin treatment)?

Perms over a keratin treatment is not advised. Wait 6-9 months after such services and ask your practitioner to start with a test strand.

Why should I get a perm?

A perm will best create natural looking curl looks due to how it is wrapped, softened and set. Looks created by a curling iron or flat iron (i.e. wrap curls), however, will be easier to achieve and last longer because it is supported by a perm. Find pictures of curls you love and curls you don’t to share with your perm practitioner so you both know what direction to go in. 

Should I cut my hair before or after getting a perm?

Wait to cut your hair until after the perm, except when removing a great deal of length. In that case, have the majority of the necessary length removed, then finish the cut after the perm. The right cut for curly hair is imperative for the best results. 

Can I wash my hair right after perming?

You can not wash, get wet, clip or strongly secure your hair back for 48 hours after your perm. And expect the perm to ‘settle in” after the first wash (i.e. loosen a bit).

Do I need to have a consultation before I get my service done?

We recommend you have a consultation with your Stylist on all of this before booking your perm service to make sure you and your Stylist are on the same page.

Will this damage my hair?

When done correctly, and on hair that can take it, NO. Our formula is extra safe with PisumProtex™technology so that we can be kinder to the hair when we perm.

What to expect during your service:

How long will the service take?

Your perm can take 1-3 hours depending on your length, resistance of your hair, and cut you want. Most Curl Cult® looks are done in 90 min (not including the cut).

What is the process of getting a perm?

Process is as follows: 

  1. TEST STRAND (when applicable, see above) – we put the solution on a small amount of hair for a set amount of time to ensure the process will not damage the integrity of the hair.
  2. Clarifying shampoo – to remove it of any impurities.
  3. Comb out.
  4. Perm is wrapped: solution may be applied before or after rollers depending on how resistant hair is and how much has been done chemically to it prior to this service
  5. Process 10-60 minutes. A cap and heat may be applied to more resistant hair.
  6. Neutralize. Applied right over top of the solution. We neutralize for 10 min forming the bonds into their new shape.
  7. Removal of the rods
  8. At the shampoo bowl, reapplication of the neutralizing solution for 2 minutes.
  9. Rinse out with lukewarm water for 5 minutes. 
  10. Condition – to replenish moisture.
  11. Cut and style (cut may be done at another date depending on the practitioners preference).
What should or shouldn’t I wear to my appointment?

Do not wear a shirt with a collar or anything else that can’t get water on it. Sometimes (not often) your shirt may get wet.  

What products should I use after my service to support my new look?

Be sure you have the right products to support your perm and style

  • Paraben-free, silicone-free and sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and co-washes, such as Refresh and Revive: avoid build-up and stripping of much needed hydration
  • Magic Spell leave-in conditioner: makes detangling wet hair easy, pH balances and elevates other products. Use in wet or dry hair, on a wash day to help style and non-wash days to restyle.
  • Enhance moisturizing curl cream: a moisture rich lotion that helps activate curl and control frizz
  • Mousse/foam: offers more support and structure and volume to curls
  • Gel or gel-oil: sculpts and controls curls

Do’s and Don’ts at home after your service:

  • Wash and condition with professional, moisture rich curl supportive products.
  • Only use a microfiber or 100% cotton towel on your hair to scrunch and or wrap up. Seriously this is worth it, you will have way better curl results.
  • Get a silk or satin pillowcase for less frizz and breakage.
  • Get a collapsible universal diffuser for your blow dryer when you want more volume, or need to have your hair dry quicker than air drying.
  • Air drying is going to be your best bet for styling.
  • Don’t you dare wash that hair for the first 48 hours (see Legally Blonde).
  • NO hard clips or ponytails for the first 48 hours.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often, reactivate curls with water the next day and scrunch in leave-in conditioner or curl cream depending on what your hair needs.

How do I style my new curly hair?

For an undone look:
  • spray with Magic Spell leave-in conditioner
  • scrunch a quarter size dollop of Enhance moisturizing curl cream in 1-3 rounds for even application
  • scrunch out extra moisture with your microfiber towel
  • air dry or finish with a diffuser for more volume.
Loose and Wavy:
  • spray Magic Spell leave-in conditioner
  • add a dollop of Enhance moisturizing curl cream in wet hair
  • comb thru and braid in one or two loose braids
  • air dry and remove braids once dry
Controlled Curls:
  • spray Magic Spell leave-in conditioner
  • sculpt hair into desired ringlet curls using a bit of Enhance moisturizing curl cream each time
  • let air dry

Once your perm starts to fall out of shape:

It might be time for a cut to reactivate the curls. Typically* you will need a new perm in:

  • 2 months for tight perm or shorter lengths
  • 3-4 months for a mid-length or resistant hair
  • 5-6 months for long loose curls

*all results vary based on your unique hair type