All your perm needs in one place…

We know at Curl Cult® just how valuable your time is and we work to make your lives easier. Everything we put in front of you is thought out by Stylists, for Stylists for your maximum benefit and that is why we came up with our Curl Cult® System.

  • Backbar, Tools and Retail – we are a one stop shop when it comes to the perming service. You can get everything you need to apply, wrap and style straight from our shop or from your Curl Cult® sales representative.
  • Perm & Style Education – the system goes farther than just product, much farther. We know that the key to a happy client is an end result where the perm and styling techniques come together to create that custom look. We won’t just teach you to perm, you’ll also learn how to best support your client’s newly curly ‘do!

Technology behind it

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Our number-one goal is to give people more good hair days between salon visits. The Curl Cult® perm brings wash-and-go love to a wider range of people—allowing for more creativity for both stylists and clients.

The Curl Cult® system cuts perm processing time in half and creates wash-and-go styles for a wide range of hair types. That makes more time for kids, work, or whatever you love most—even if it’s Netflix (we’re not here to judge).

We work with ingredients that do no harm. We’re vegan, cruelty free, sulfate surfactant free and paraben free. Our products are made in Italy with the highest quality and care you can get.

Let’s talk about the science behind our process below…  

We put the pea in perm

Did you know that the humble pea, Pisum Sativum, is one of the most stable natural organisms on Earth? Because pea plants self-pollinate, every new pea is exactly the same as the ones that came before it. By pollinating itself rather than relying on outside factors, the pea maintains a purity that is rarely found elsewhere in nature.

Pea proteins are already well known for their benefits in health and wellness.

What makes pea proteins perfect for hair products?

This helps increase hydration. Hair absorbs smaller molecules more easily and they link together to form a protective network that prevents cuticle cracking and damage—the kind that comes from excessive styling or and hot styling tools.

Sourcing pea proteins is more environmentally friendly than alternatives like animal protein or other protein substitutes.

Curl Cult® perm solution opens the cuticle layer and infuses the pea protein deep into the hair shaft. Paired with the Plex technology we already know and love (enter PisumProtex™ technology), this lets you manipulate the disulphide bonds to create whatever hair texture you want while getting a consistent result with healthy, hydrated hair every time.

A whole new way to roll

When hair is VCR (virgin, coarse & resistant) you an apply our Liberate before you roll to begin the softening process and cut down on processing time. This also means NO END PAPERS in most situations as our solution provides a little grip to the hair to make it easier to get on the rods. Make sure your rolling speed is up to par as you’ll want to get it rolled within 25 minutes of applying the solution.

No more messy rinsing between perm solution and neutralizer at the bowl! We neutralize right over top of our permanent styling solution which means almost the entire process can be completed in the comfort of your station chair. Additionally, this allows us to perm non-traditional shapes such as braids, twist knots and other creative options.

Our solution comes in a larger bottle so you can pour only as much as you need based on your clients hair length and density.

Because the pH of our perm solution sits right at neutral, 7.3 to be exact, you can use metal clips to section and sculpt short hair lengths.