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For all textures, natural or permed.

We put the pea in perm

What makes pea proteins perfect for hair products?

Pea proteins are rich in essential amino acids

This helps increase hydration. Hair absorbs these smaller molecules more easily and they link together to form a protective network that prevents cuticle cracking and damage—the kind that comes from excessive styling and hot styling tools.

Pea proteins are environmentally friendly

Sourcing pea proteins is more environmentally friendly than alternatives like animal protein or other protein substitutes.

Curl Cult® perm solution opens the cuticle layer and infuses the pea protein deep into the hair shaft. Paired with the Plex technology we already know and love (enter PisumProtex™ technology), this lets you manipulate the disulphide bonds to create whatever hair texture you want while getting a consistent result with healthy, hydrated hair every time.

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As a stylist and salon owner, I have been perm obsessed for as long as I can remember. I love that we have the capability to permanently transform texture, but I have been underwhelmed with the products and processes available. That’s why I created Curl Cult®, a simple solution to effortless hair.

We have reinvented the perm and curl category, with new technologies and smart solutions to make it easy for hairstylists and clients alike.

“Perms are my passion and I feel great knowing we’ve created a range for all texture seekers”

Janine Jarman, Founder